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8 July 2022

Latest Update

Bob Doris MPS at the Bellway Construction site with the Ruchill Water Tower in the background

I attended a site visit with Bellway at the ‘Ashlar Village’ development in Ruchill Park.  Whilst this was open to residents, unfortunately no-one was able to attend. However, Bellway have agreed to have another site visit with residents and my office in August. I’ll be in touch nearer the time.

The visit was an opportunity to continue to develop a positive relationship with Bellway who will be on site for several years as the building works progresses. In the meantime I thought a recap / update would be helpful.

Structural Surveys

Residents will, be aware that ‘piling’ works, preparatory works related to the build, are ongoing. These have not reached the area by The Orchard as yet. Bellway have written to 36 properties in The Orchard whose proximity to the construction works means it would be precautionary to conduct a ‘pre-construction’ survey of the properties to ensure they are not impacted. It is not anticipated they will be but it is important that the surveys are undertaken.

Residents Reference Group

Bellway would be happy to hear directly from individual residents but are happy to consider a ‘residents reference group’ which can periodically meet to discuss any ongoing or emerging issues.

Managing Impact of Site Works

When the weather is dry and windy, then dust and stoor can be generated. Bellway’s contractors take steps to dampen down the ground to reduce the impact of dust.

New Site Office

Residents would be welcome to visit the new site office and leave enquiries there. Please note the staff would not necessarily be able to deal with these but can pass them on. Likewise do feel free to contact my office regarding any such matters.

Ruchill Water Tower

I had an update on plans for the water tower. As you will know the area around it will be landscaped and have seating. The tower will be lit at night. Whilst there are no firm plans yet, it is intended the ground floor of the tower will be able to be used for small community events. Plans will be developed in partnership with the new factors and the owners of the properties at Ashlar Village.

You can see the planning permission at

Other Matters

Adoption of common areas/ playpark

My office continue to pursue Keepmoat and Glasgow City Council regarding having The Orchard adopted. We are still waiting to hear about whether Keepmoat will take action as requested to upgrade the perimeter fence at the children’s playpark.


As you know we have managed to get the through roads from The Orchard to Ashlar Village to one, and, with traffic calming measures on the section which Bellway are responsible for. We await a response from Keepmoat and GCC about similar measures within the section of McDonald Court within The orchard estate.


4 July 2022

Site Visit

Bellway have agreed to have a site meeting Wednesday 6th July at 9am meeting at their site office on Bilsland Avenue (circled blue on the map below). This is open to all residents, but any residents who would like to attend should get in touch with my office at to give us ideas of numbers.

The purpose of the event is not for a "public meeting” as such, but will be an opportunity for local residents to gain information.

Bellway map jpg

30 June 2022

Site Visit

I have agreed a provisional date of the morning of Wednesday 6th July to have a site visit with Bellway. This is open to all residents. The finalised time will be confirmed at the start of next week, but any residents who would like to attend should get in touch with my office at


14 June 2022

Pre-construction Surveys

I had contacted Bellway with regards to pre-construction surveys. A constituent had contacted me as they were of the understanding that when a building company starts ground works and there are properties nearby, they get independent surveyors out to take photographs of the properties so that if any damage occurs during piling to the ground for example, then the homeowners are protected.

Bellway have told me “The works that have been taken place so far adjacent to the boundary between Bellway & Keepmoat have been mainly site clearance involving JCB’s.

“We will arrange for survey work to be carried out to the neighbouring properties when the piling of foundation works commence adjacent to their properties. We will make contact with the owners direct if we feel that any internal inspections are required, often it’s just external photos that are required.”


27 May 2022

Burning of rubbish on site

Following reports of rubbish being burnt on site, I have been informed site staff have been contacted and instructed to stop as they shouldn’t be burning anything on site. I hope this was a one-off, but do let my office know if this is not the case


26 May 2022

Adoption of the roads on Keepmoat site

I have had an update from the Transport Planning Manager in the Council regarding the adoption of the roads on the Keepmoat site. I had asked, “I would also request an update with regards Glasgow City Council’s discussions with Keepmoat regarding the adoption of the roads at The Orchard. Having met with a number of home owners, they are keen to ensure that the roads and any other matters requiring attended to are brought up to an appropriate standard at the earliest opportunity. This will allow the adoption process to be completed.”

The Council have told me:-

I am pleased to inform you that Keepmoat carried out their final walkover with our Roads Inspector and their contractor on Monday. Keepmoat’s contractor, Parks, will provide costs this week for all remedials and the current target date for completion of works is this July, formal adoption paperwork will be submitted shortly thereafter.


24 May 2022

Glasgow City Council – Planning Reply

I have had a detailed reply from Glasgow City Council planning department which I wanted to share:-

Concerning the points raised by you and your constituents, to clarify there was only ever one point of vehicular access on the approved plans via the Orchard Estate. The Orchard Estate was originally designed to be linked up to the wider area to the north and west which had been earmarked for housing and this is illustrated by the roads layout in the Orchard Estate which link directly to the site boundaries at McDonald Way, McDonald Court and McDonald Gate. It is therefore clear that this development was specifically designed to be linked into the wider area with at least 3 points of vehicular access clearly defined. Connectivity is crucial to the design of residential schemes and the Orchard Estate was not designed to be a cul-de-sac but rather to connect to the wider area within which it is set.

It is important to note at this stage that the application has been approved by planning committee and that the committee report represents the final view of the Planning Authority on the proposal and it is not possible for the authority to enforce changes to the design and layout post consent. The recommendation was made to planning committee that the works should be approved and they subsequently voted to ratify that recommendation. The design and layout in respect of the roads and access was fully considered by qualified Roads and Transport Engineers and signed off on by the Transport Planning Manager.

In respect of the road network within the site, the committee report refers to the Panmure Street access as secondary, this was in reference to the hierarchy of the road network and site layout being designed around the access point at Bilsland Drive which presents a far more direct route into the development than the Panmure access which will take vehicles through the Orchard Development and then via traffic calming measures. With regards to the concerns you raise about the traffic safety of the roads layout in the Orchard Estate, again I would confirm that the proposal has been fully assessed by Roads and Transport Engineers and considered acceptable. At this point we have not received complaints about any of road safety issues you are highlighting in the Orchard Estate. However, the Orchard Estate road layout was designed to reduce speed and therefore it is the consideration of Roads and Transport Engineers that this should not be impacted on by additional trips on the roads that the wider development of the area might create.

The requested changes detailed in your email would likely require further full planning applications and it would therefore not be appropriate to comment on this without fully consulting with Transport Planning and having discussion with the applicants direct. As stated good connectivity is key to successful residential development and whilst any proposed changes would need to be fully considered it is not clear that such revisions to the design would be supported by the Planning Authority in that they would reduce connectivity between the residential areas. These requested changes would have to come from the applicants, they made the initial planning application and this was assessed as meeting the requirements of the City Development Plan via the planning process. Therefore changes to the scheme would need to come through the same route and allow for neighbours to be notified.

In respect of the other points raised concerning the adoption of the roads in the Keepmoat estate. My colleagues in Transport Planning will be able to advise on this and respond in due course.

I trust my response clarifies the reasoning behind the recommendation for approval of the planning application and also outlines the steps required should Bellway be minded to submit the changes you are recommending. Should you require further response to any query please email the Planning Department and further details can be provided. 




16 May 2022

Reply from Glasgow City Council Planning Department

I have had the following reply from Glasgow City Council’s planning department to questions raised by residents. I would however note a more recent update from Bellway of 4 May (below).

  1. Bellway have not initiated any contact with residents since November 2021. This is very disappointing considering not only the delay to have the meeting but also that at the meeting Bellway's representatives did agree to liaise with one or two residents as a point of contact. This has not taken place appropriately with residents being left in the dark and being treated disrespectfully given the nature of the concerns about the roads and not the new development itself.

In respect of point 1, the applicants have worked within the legislation in terms of how they have carried out the public consultation exercise during the application process. Any subsequent dialogue between the applicants and the residents of the neighbouring estate post consent being granted is entirely at the discretion of the applicants. The committee report represents the final view of the Planning Authority on the proposal, however, where practical we are providing comments and responses to members of the public who have concerns about the proposal and are seeking further information. However, it is not possible to get into discussion with local residents on the principle of the development since this has been decided by the Planning Committee and approved.

2.1 On what date was the roads department consulted? Is there a transcript of this conversation? If so we would like a copy of this to fully understand how the concerns & views of residents were conveyed.

No transcript of conversation with Bellway were recorded by GCC, the Planning Authority do not commonly record audio or transcribe meetings.

2.2 In order for the roads department to agree to the traffic calming measures did any visit take place following the residents meeting with Bellway?

No site visit has taken place since the residents meeting, the traffic calming will be agreed via layout & construction drawings, amendments are still to be agreed.

2.3 Is this decision based on Bellway’s assessments of the roads, Keepmoat’s assessments of the roads or GCC's assessment? If so can dates be provided of any visits that took place to consider the roads and traffic calming measures required and any formal correspondence regarding said visits.

Roads are designed by the developer based on agreed planning layout, traffic calming is included within the design.
3. The traffic calming measures appear to have been considered only for the “new road” that Bellway are constructing. If this is the case then the residents seek clarity on plans to address the following issues from Bellway and GCC;
3.1 Traffic calming measures have been agreed on a still to be built road to reduce speeding concerns however plans still don’t address or consider the risk of cars speeding into and around the Keepmoat estate up until this point. 

We have not received any complaints regarding speeding within the development to date. As this has also been designed to reduce speed this should not be impacted by additional trips on the roads.

3.2 The traffic calming measures on the new road also don't solve the issue of how the current narrow roads will accommodate the increased traffic particularly larger vehicles especially when a significant number of residents are already forced to park on the streets due to lack of residential parking within the Orchard. Can Bellway and GCC confirm a visit has taken place to assess the suitability of the roads with the Orchard for the estimated amount of traffic the new development will create? 

Current road design is for narrower roads to calm speeds and discourage on street parking. All the roads are designed to accommodate refuse and emergency vehicles. A transport assessment was submitted in support of the new development.

3.3 Bellway state in their correspondence with Bob that the traffic calming measures will hopefully "discourage" people from using the route, if that is the case and they don't want the road to be used can Bellway and GCC please provide a written response detailing their reasoning for including the road? Good accessibility is mentioned but with the use of cars being discouraged in other schemes in the local area surely footpaths and bicycle access will create sufficient accessibility and comply with the Climate Change Plan Update.

As referenced above roads are designed to try and discourage on street parking to limit car ownership to one per household this is current GCC policy but for safety reasons including access by emergency vehicles and in the event of work closing off a road any development over 300 units requires a minimum of 2 separate accesses onto the wider network. The keepmoat development was designed to allow flexibility on making a connection through to the wider development which was part of a masterplan for the whole site. There was always going to be at least one connection through to Panmure Street required.

3.2 Considering the aforementioned concerns and the fact that Bellway stated at the meeting these roads were not in their original plans can they confirm whether they feel the through roads are necessary or beneficial to their new development?

This is for Bellway to answer.


4 May 2022

Access routes to the new development

I have had an update from Bellway regarding the proposed access routes to the new site from the existing homes at the Keepmoat site.

They have shared the map below and the following comments

Bellway map

Roads & Footpath comments:

  • A – shows the location of the only vehicle route between the 2 developments on McDonald Court now that the Council have backed down on looking for 2. Bellway will install traffic calming on their side of the road.
  • B – Pedestrian access only at McDonald Way. 2m wide tarred footpath. Existing timber screen fence to be removed locally at this point at the time of construction and in agreement with Keepmoat residents.
  • C - Pedestrian access only at McDonald Gate. 2m wide tarred footpath. Existing timber screen fence and existing stone wall to be removed locally at this point at the time of construction and in agreement with Keepmoat residents.
  • D - Pedestrian access only at McDonald Gate. 2m wide tarred footpath. Existing timber screen fence to be removed or reduced in height locally at this point at the time of construction and in agreement with Keepmoat residents.


4 May 2022

Wild Dear and Rats

Following reports of wild dear on site, Bellway have told me:-

“Bellway have had several site meetings with their Ecologist to discuss the best way of humanely moving the deer on. We have been advised to create a few holes large enough for the deer to pass through on the East and West boundaries. These egress points will be into the park on the West and public open space on the East.

“These egress points will be opened up in the evening to allow the deer to pass through when they are most active. There are a couple of large areas of open space/tree & shrub areas at the northern boundary of our site which will remain untouched and it may well be that any remaining deer will continue to live in these areas. The deer situation will be continually monitored during construction.”

The have also updated me on concerns raised around vermin:-

“Our Ecologist advised us to eliminate any food waste on site. All staff on site have been advised, bins provided and traps installed. On the call the Keepmoat residents confirmed that they had not noticed any rat problems since the site works started so hopefully the incident was an isolated one.”

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