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I continue to be contacted by residents regarding regeneration plans for the Wyndford estate. These plans include demolishing 4 high rise flats in Wyndford and building around 300 modern, energy-efficient homes for the community. This will include a mixture of housing types and also contain a significant number main door properties with gardens. This page has my updates.


26 March 2024

Updates on the Maryhill Hub

I have been contacted by constituents about the future of the Maryhill Hub. They have been encouraged that there will be a new purpose built Hub but wanted more information. Wheatley Homes Glasgow and Glasgow City Council have provided an update today (26 March). I wanted to point out two matters:

  • The gym will be retained in any new facility. In addition, it will have new equipment and be modernised.
  • There is absolutely no truth in the misleading rumours that the land where the Hub sits is being sold for private housing.

I am disappointed inaccurate rumours have been circulating. Indeed my own position has been significantly mis-represented on this matter also. However, it is important to stay positive regarding what is a £100million investment in the Wyndford estate which will include over 380 new homes, 85% for social rent and 15% for affordable mid-market rent. The plans will also see over 40% of the new homes have three-bedrooms or more. In addition the investment will include a new play park, more green spaces, bike storage and improved CCTV.

Constituents can read the full letter here, which I will keep online below:


20 July 2023


There has been much attention given to Wheatley Homes Glasgow seeking to demolish the four 26-story high-rise blocks.

To provide some context, as our local MSP, I have heard from many people over the years who have been reluctant to accept properties within these high-rise blocks, as well as many residents who were actively seeking to move out.

Indeed, since the plans were first announced I have heard from many local residents - who live and work in Maryhill - who support the proposals. I would also acknowledge some people very much value these properties and wish them to be retained.

The flats are a mixture of studio and one bedroomed properties. They do not allow for a housing mix and are particularly unsuitable for families. There are concerns over both overcrowding and safety. There is clearly a need for larger, family homes, a greater housing type mix and boosting local regeneration more generally.

I believe Wheatley Homes Glasgow’s £73m investment plans have real potential to deliver this.


I have, however, met Wheatley Homes Glasgow and passed on concerns including about potentially missing an opportunity to retrofit the 26-story high rises, concerns over the carbon footprint of the suggested plans, over the retention of green space and concerns raised regarding the impact of any demolition process.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow have informed me they have explored options for the 26-story high rises. They believe retrofitting them to an improved standard, including increase the range of property sizes, would be significantly challenging. I understand much of the challenge relates to the reinforced concrete structures. These conclusions are based on expert advice. 

They also chime with the community consultation which showed a clear majority of residents, including those in the multi-storeys supported demolition.

I continue to have regular meetings and will continue to raise relevant matters.

The current plans will see the building of around 300 new homes. The regeneration proposals will have no private homes for sale or commercial units. The plans are for 85% of these to be for social housing and 15% for other forms of affordable housing. Contrary  to some commentary online, and from some others, there are absolutely no plans to make all the properties midmarket rent.

These suggestions have no basis in fact. 

There will be a small number of mid-market rent properties and these will also benefit the community. They are aimed at families in housing need whose income may enable them to pay a bit more than a social rent, but whose rent will be significantly lower than the private sector.

Proposals offer the people of Maryhill access to new, high quality (predominantly) social housing and some mid market rent. 

I have supported several of the (now former) tenants of the high rises to secure good quality alternative homes.

I continue to pay close attention to plans being developed by Wheatley Homes Glasgow. The new homes will provide a similar number of bedrooms to the 600 studio and one bedroom flats contained in the four blocks.


I spoke with Wheatley Homes Glasgow recently and they have shared the progress on the proposals of what will come next and have also produced a community update which has recently been posted to residents.

Given there remains a small number of people living in the flats, Wheatley Homes Glasgow must give their priority to providing every possible support to find new, suitable, homes - including staying locally where there is a wish to do so.

I know ongoing and active engagement with the local community is essential. I understand the “Wyndford Future” focus group, made up of Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenants, continues to meet every six to eight weeks to discuss different elements of the masterplan, and it is essential Wheatley Homes Glasgow listens to the feedback offered. I also understand Wheatley have plans to engage with local residents who are not tenants. Plans continue to be developed and have been shaped in part engagement with the local community.

That engagement includes ensuring there remains a community facility in the Wyndford, whether The Hub itself or a new facility. I have insisted the Hub Steering Group are fully engaged with these plans and I understand that is the case.

There will of course be areas of concern at times. I want to assure constituents that whilst I am supportive of the direction Wheatley Homes Glasgow wish to take, I will not hesitate to question any aspect of the proposals which may cause concerns and raise any legitimate concerns that local residents may have. I will be meeting once more with Wheatley Homes in the next few weeks and will post a fresh update after that.

You can get in touch with me at www.bob-doris.scot/contact 

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