2 May 2024

I have once again contacted Police Scotland regarding the dangers of the misuse of ‘off-road’ vehicles in our constituency. I acknowledge that some users are responsible, but unfortunately, others are not.
This can be a major nuisance to communities and a very real danger.
We have tragically witnessed fatalities and serious injuries in north Glasgow. I raised the matter with the First Minister in the Scottish Parliament to see how we can support Police Scotland and others to promote responsible usage, as well as take whatever enforcement action is possible.
I will work in partnership with others who are seeking to tackle these issues, such as Anne McLaughlin MP who has the Off-Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill lodged at Westminster, and the Home Office who are establishing a Task Force on the matter


It is deeply concerning to hear of the rising surge in cases of whooping cough and the tragic deaths of 5 babies in England. I raised this matter with the First Minister in the Scottish Parliament. You can listen to my question and First Minister’s reply above. Worryingly, uptake in infant vaccinations appears to have fallen in recent times. Babies in the most deprived areas – including here in Maryhill and Springburn – are less likely to be vaccinated.
Every effort must be made to support midwives, health visitors and local vaccination teams to maximise uptake levels. I am pleased to hear the chief midwifery officer is writing to maternity services to increase uptake.
I would urge all pregnant mothers to get vaccinated, as well asking parents to ensure young children and babies are vaccinated.
Read more about the vaccineHERE and read  news from Public Health ScotlandHERE

The trial which has seen the removal of peak time fares being removed from ScotRail has been a huge success. It helps with commutes to work, getting out and about, visits to family and much more. It has also helped make journeys across Scotland more affordable for constituents. So when rail travel elsewhere in Scotland was raised in Parliament, I sought to make just that point. For those that can, I would encourage constituents to use our rail network to see what Scotland has to offer.

It is welcome news that passengers have, on average, seen a saving of 20% on travel costs.

I know the Scottish Government is reviewing the success of this trial, and I look forward to finding out if this can be supported further.

Recently, the Scottish Parliament debated the “Fair Fares Review” (you can read this at https://www.transport.gov.scot/our-approach/strategy/fair-fares-review).

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The Scottish Government has a strong commitment to cycling through a number of Active Travel initiatives. While infrastructure such as cycle lanes are to be welcomed, being a bike owner and living up a tenement can be a challenge when it comes to storing a bike.
Here in our constituency of Maryhill and Springburn over 73% of homes are flats – so we need to make it easier to own a bike.
Glasgow City Council has been making huge strides with bike sheds located in a number of areas in the city. Work taking place this year will see an expansion of the scheme. A £2.5m investment will see approximately 500 new units across Glasgow, with space for over 3,000 bikes.
I raised this matter in the Scottish Parliament today (16 April) to ask what more strategic support the Scottish Government can give. You can view my question, and the Minister’s reply above

I was pleased to speak the Scottish Government’s debate “The Future of Public Transport - The Fair Fares Review” in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon. The recommendations and actions set out in the Fair Fares Review is to help ensure Scotland has an accessible, affordable and high quality public transport system.

In an ‘open’ debate, held without motion (ie no vote) MSPs were encouraged to reflect on opportunities contained within the review.

I called for Glasgow to be considered for an integrated and flat fares pilot scheme for buses; with the possible extension to our rail/ subway network. 

There also needs to be greater integration between rail and bus, in a way that improves services to various communities, such as Kelvindale or Ruchill

I also looked at opportunities to secure revenue for public transport through our city’s events sector and other areas. 

Any investment must grow our paying passenger base and improve bus services. I also supported exploring bus franchising 

You can read more at: https://www.transport.gov.scot/news/fair-fares-review/

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As a member of the NET Zero Committee in the Scottish Parliament, I recently took evidence and published a Stage One report on the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Bill. I was pleased to support the general
principals of the Bill. The Bill aims to do various things including providing powers to introduce restrictions on the disposal of unsold consumer goods for the purpose of reducing waste; powers to introduce charges for single-use items (expected to be initially used to introduce a charge for disposal beverage cups) and the Introduction of new enforcement measures around household waste disposal and recycling (fixed penalty and civil penalty charges).

Following a discussion with SCIAF, I am also seeking to amend the Bill to use procurement to ensure that the public sector carries out due diligence checks on the ethical practices of businesses within supplychains.

Full details of the Bill can be found here


Maryhill Line


I have a longstanding interest in the services on this train line. This has previously included securing a 7 day a week service for Maryhill. Previously no Sunday services were available except immediately before Christmas.

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Springburn Railway Station


I have been campaigning for improvements at Springburn Railway Station for some time. Indeed I recently visited the station along with representatives of Scotrail, Network Rail and others ( including local community group, Spirit of Springburn). We were keen to explore options to make the station more accessible for prams, buggies and wheel chairs, as well as to secure better connectivity with Glasgow Kelvin College.

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