A number of constituents have contacted me regarding the imminent changes to the SPT ZoneCard system. This will see a dramatic change in both the zones and pricing structure. Many of my constituents in Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn now face significant, unfair price increases. This is particularly pronounced for those who now find themselves traveling from just outside the new Zone One into Glasgow city.

The larger Zone 2 stretches from East Kilbride to Old Kilpatrick and consequently both those areas would pay the same as someone from Maryhill to commute to the city centre. That is deeply unfair.

I have raised this issue with the First Minster on 13 June 2024 at First Minister's Questions, and he indicated that the Transport Secretary had written to SPT about the changes. That said, the matter is one for SPT as opposed to the Scottish Government. You can watch my question below:

I, therefore, met with SPT on 17 June 2024 and discussed my concerns. Whilst I have more information below, the upshot is SPT will relay my concerns over what I described as a ‘cliff edge’ pricing structure which disadvantages my constituents. I therefore asked for the restructuring and price increases to be paused and reconsidered. I was informed that the SPT Forum had already considered a related request and decided not to do so.

However, my specific point about ‘cliff edge’ pricing and how it impacts my constituents will be raised separately by SPT with commercial partners at the next Forum at the end of June 2024. I have suggested that Zone 2 needs to be divided with pricing lowered for any ‘inner’ parts of Zone 2. This could offer a fairer pricing structure for my constituents. 

I have also received a reply from the Scottish Government on this matter:

Download the letter of reply from the Scottish Government


Important additional information 

The new zones will be in operation from 24 June 2024 under the new pricing system. However, zone cards under the old zones and pricing can still be purchased up until 22 July 2024.


Further Background

SPTs position is it administers the ZoneCard and the decisions taken are for all commercial partners (of which the SPT subway is one)

-The ZoneCard review commenced 2019 but was disrupted by Covid

-The new zones were finalised in 2022. The old system had around 70 zones

-There was public consultation on the need to simplify the zone system, but not on the new zones themselves

-A final decision on pricing was in may 2024




Update issued on behalf of the ZoneCard Forum of transport operators in relation to initial customer requests to review the Zones and pricing model the Forum have considered these and agreed as follows:


The new Zones were established following a detailed exercise by external consultants appointed on behalf of the Forum, taking into account factors such as other existing ticket boundaries.

In relation to a question about Neilston and the train line journey from there to Glasgow crossing briefly into new Zone 5 the Forum was happy to agree this was an oversight and that customers there would not need to purchase a Zone 5 ticket to travel by train from Neilston to Glasgow.

On the matter of Lochwinnoch, the Forum were made aware of customer feedback but agreed that this Zone should not change. Noting that the new Zone 2 boundary was established based on the current Tripper multi bus operator ticket boundary, intending to offer simplicity for customers when considering different ticket options.

(Tripper is another commercial ticket arrangement, which is not administered by SPT).

The new Zone 5 in which Lochwinnoch now falls offers significant additional travel options to people in the new wider Zone 5 area. For those only wishing to travel to and from Glasgow other ticket options are available through local bus and train operators. Any further changes to boundaries for customers in one community with a particular travel pattern may have adverse effects on others living elsewhere or with other travel requirements. In this instance, the Forum preferred to retain the Zone boundaries as they are currently drafted.


The ZoneCard Forum discussed the feedback being received about prices, noting that the new pricing model had already been through significant commercial review.

The ZoneCard arrangement allows for price review as required but the Forum agreed that at this stage no review is necessary.

One additional point noted was that the current pricing is based on standard (Peak) ScotRail prices rather than the interim Off Peak Fares. If the Off Peak pricing was to be made permanent the Forum acknowledged that this would trigger a review of ZoneCard pricing

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