There are significant concerns over the action of the owners of Stobhill Care Home who have de-recognised trade union representation and sought to undermine employee conditions of service.

I met with GMB Scotland to hear of the concerns of employees. Following that meeting I have now corresponded formally with owners, Clyde Care, and urged them to engage with GMB to resolve this deeply worrying and unacceptable situation.

Copy of my letter

Company Secretary
Clyde Care Ltd

Date: 10 August 2023

Stobhill Care Home – 70 Stobhill Road, Glasgow, G21 3TX

I am writing to ask you to urgently reconsider the approach of Clyde Care Limited to pay and conditions negotiations with employees at Stobhill Care Home and their trade union representatives, including the GMB. I specifically mention Stobhill Care Home as it is within my constituency of Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn.

There will be several workers, all residents within the care home, and many families members who all will stay locally. I also wish to acknowledge the significant issues I am raising also exist in both Baillieston Care Home and Cardonald Care Home. I would similarly urge a urgent reconsideration there also.

In the first instance, it is wholly wrong to seek to withdraw GMB Trade Union representation from a committed workforce who care for some of the most vulnerable people within our communities. I would ask that this position is reviewed and reversed. It is deeply concerning that such a withdrawal of Union recognition appears to be occurring at the same time as there is a significant threat to the pay and conditions of the workforce.

It is my understanding that Clyde Care Group are simultaneously seeking to roll back employee entitlements regarding both the threshold as to when overtime is payable, as well as the rate of overtime pay. I have also been made aware of proposals to erode holiday pay entitlement. From what I can gather the erosion to conditions of service have been consulted on by Silverline Care, owned by Clyde Care Ltd (who bought the care homes from Four Seasons). This consultation has coincided with a relatively modest offer by Silverline Care to the workforce regarding an annual pay increase.

It now appears that Clyde Care Limited have removed Silverline Care and have placed the administration of Stobhill Care Home under the management of Minster Care Group (contracted by but not owned by Clyde Care Limited). It would appear that Minster Care Group have now put a counter offer to employees that is actually more detrimental to the offer already rejected by workers from Silverline Care.

GMB are also concerned about the refusal of Clyde Care Limited to implement TUPE protections following the purchase of the care homes from Four Seasons. I would ask that Clyde Care Limited and the Minster Care Group urgently meet with GMB Scotland and open up meaningful dialogue to resolve these issues.

I have concerns over Clyde Care Limited’s approach to fair work and trade union representation for employees which I hope can be addressed. I am also concerned about the impact on residents within Stobhill Care Home and the other homes, of potential industrial action by workers. I know that workers would be reluctant to take such action but from what I have been told may have been left with very limited alternative options.

I look forward to your response, including confirmation that you will open a meaningful dialogue with GMB Scotland.

Yours sincerely,
Bob Doris MSP
Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn constituency (SNP)


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