Over the years I have had a number of constituents contact me regarding speeding on Cowal Road, Maryhill. 

I had asked for a speed survey to take place, and Glasgow City Council have given me the headline results. I find these results very worrying. It confirms that the average speed is above the 30mph speed limit and that 85% of cars are driving up to 37.1mph. This means 15% (over 1,600 vehicles a day) are driving beyond 37mph each day in a 30mph limit. Given constituents have raised concerns over road safety and the data would back this up, there is a serious speeding issue. We can consider ourselves fortunate that there have been no recorded serious accidents.

I asked Glasgow City Council to take forward appropriate traffic calming measures before an accident occurs.

Following my representation, Glasgow City Council reviewed the data and upon further consideration - given the speeds recorded during the recent traffic survey - Glasgow City Council will seek to include the introduction of traffic calming measures on Cowal Road within this financial year’s programme.

This is very welcome new, and I will update constituents when there are more developments.


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