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Summerston Fields

I wanted to give you an important update on the proposed housing development in Summerston.

I previously contacted you regarding the ‘Summerston Wider Area’ feasibility study. This feasibility study is to examine the environmental, hydrological and infrastructure issues in the larger area to the north of Summerston, including phasing and delivery, to assess the potential for additional housing land in the area. The feasibility study recommended the area remains as Green Belt. It has not yet been reported to a committee of the Council. This was due to concerns raised, legally, by the developer. This is ongoing.

In a new turn of events, the planning application submitted by Caledonian Property Investments Ltd was removed last week.
However, Caledonian Property Investments Ltd submitted a new planning application (reference 20/03256/PPP) on 9th December 2020. This application is the same development proposal as the previous application. Glasgow City Council have told me that as this is technically a new application, comments which were submitted for the original application can NOT be considered for the new application.
Therefore comments should be resubmitted, and I encourage you to do so.
Should you wish to make comment on the planning application, the last date for comments is Friday 8th January 2021. Anyone wishing to make a representation must therefore do so by this date.
Given Christmas and New Year is approaching, this is a very tight timescale. It is disappointing comments need to be in over this time (a timescale the council can’t control). I have asked if there is any ability to extend the statutory period for comments, however I would strongly encourage you to make any comments – however brief – before 8 January.
You can view the proposal, and make comments at
Please do contact me or my office if you have any other concerns.


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