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I have been representing several sports, recreational and community organisations in relation to the frustrations (which I share) over the slow pace of the reopening of Glasgow Life facilities across Maryhill and Springburn.


I have been in correspondence with Glasgow Life and also met with them on 26 August 2020 on these matters. Whist the meeting was constructive, until we have dates for reopening I appreciate that counts for little.

I raised specific questions with Glasgow Life about the re-opening of Glasgow Life facilities right across Maryhill and Springburn. Much of that focussed (although not exclusively) on several outdoor facilities that sports clubs are currently unable to book and use. I noted that clubs were willing to arrive ‘pitch ready’ and forgo changing / shower facilities and still pay for lets. 

This is a clear revenue loss to Glasgow Life where they are not facilitating such arrangements, as well as a major impact on club members who rely on the lets. 

Glasgow Life mentioned potential issues around insurance and liability if they did not have a full pitch maintenance and inspection regimes in place. Something they considered challenge currently. However clearly as other facilities are starting to reopen then this should be possible to put in place. 

In particular I contrasted the ability of education services to take lets for pitches at Highpark but not Glasgow Life for other local pitches. Glasgow Life promised to look at this to see if lessons could be learned with a view to reopening. I await an update.

We also need to get indoor lets re-established and I raised this point also. Given Glasgow Life have mentioned financial strain and revenue as a significant barrier to reopening; it makes sense to facilitate (safely) paying lets both within indoor and outdoor facilities the operate.

In Parliament

With regards the financial strain that Glasgow Life is under, I also raised this with the First Minister some time ago. Reported here I followed up with a further question in Parliament. See here

I am pleased to confirm that the Scottish Government are in the final stages of agreeing a financial package with Councils through COSLA to offer support. Council’s should use that money to assist in their reopening of local community facilities including in Maryhill and Springburn.

Local Facilities

I am again contacting Glasgow Life for a further update on reopening local facilities.

Venues/ sites I specifically asked about were

  • Glasgow Club at John Paul Academy
  • Glasgow Club Milton
  • Petershill Complex
  • Maryhill Community Centre
  • Ruchhill Community Centre 
  • Balgrahill Community Centre

Glasgow Club Maryhill & Glasgow Club Springburn are part of the phased reopening plans already. And the synthetic pitches at Springburn have also recently been announced.

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