New Measures

The First Minister has today announced further measures aimed at reducing the spread of Coronavirus. You can read more about this at I would urge all constituents to read the detailed update and encourage everyone to follow these additional measures
However below is some key information.
  • Pubs, bars and restaurants must close by 10pm each day. However, the hope is that this will prevent the need to close venues altogether. There will also be more support for local councils to check premises to ensure rules are not being broken.

  • People cannot meet in each other’s homes. There are exceptions for those who form an extended household, for caring responsibilities, for non cohabiting couples, for those providing childcare and for tradespeople entering your house for work.
  • Its still okay to meet outside (within the limit of 6 people total from 2 households).
  • There are also a range of exemptions for young people
    • Under 12’s are exempt from outdoor restrictions; both from the limit of 6 and the limit of two households.
    • There will be no limits on the ability of children under 12 to play together outdoors.

    • 12-17’s are exempt from the two household limit outdoors (but still maximum of 6).

  • From now, we are advised not to share a car with someone from another household.


Other areas covered by the First Minister included

  • Re-enforcing that people who can work from home should work from home. This will not yet be made a legal requirement at this stage but if businesses do not implement this, it might be in future.
  • The FACTS campaign will be given even greater focus. Simple things such as washing our hands are even more important now.
  • There will be a package of support for those that need to self-isolate. People on low incomes who must self-isolate will be eligible for a £500 payment from the Scottish Government.
  • The Scottish Government will also raise awareness of what self-isolation means, and the Test and Protect teams will give more advice, such as how to get access to food. I will post more detailed information on this once available

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