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By Bob Doris MSP

As many constituents will know there was yet another water outage in parts of north Glasgow yesterday. Concerns have been raised that these may be becoming more frequent. I have therefore been in correspondence with Scottish Water.

I wrote to the Scottish Water Public Affairs team as follows:-


As a resident myself I am aware that the water outage has been remedied (Tuesday 17 December).

However I am not sure I received any update. I have also had several emails or tweets from constituents concerned about the frequency of water supply being lost in recent weeks and months.

I myself am aware of three impacting my property in the last few months. Can I please have a report on the number of occasions supply has been lost in the Maryhill and Springburn constituency in the last year and the amount of impacted customers?

I’m also keen to know how that compares to previous years and if there is any underlying issues / what is being done to remedy these issues?

Kind regards, Bob.


Since then, Scottish Water have confirmed the recent water outage was caused by a fault on a control valve and Scottish Water has established what the issue is with the valve and is taking a series of measures to minimise the risk of this happening again. I have been assured additional resilience measures have been put in place.

The information I requested regarding any increase in the frequency of outages have been sent to the Scottish Water operations team and they will reply in due course.

Scottish Water have apologised for the inconvenience. Whilst future loss of supply can never be ruled out they are seeking to ensure they minimise the risk of this occurring again.

I’ll keep people updated. You can get my latest updates on this by filling out the form below.



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