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By Bob Doris MSP

Long overdue buggy path to be built at school in Ruchill.

It was good to finally celebrate the news that the schools at Benview Campus in Ruchill Park will get a new buggy path at Panmure Street. Parents have been fighting for a buggy path since the new campus opened in 2013 to try and prevent many families having to bump prams and buggies up dozens of steps twice a day. The previous Council administration crazily failed to ensure access to the new campus was fully accessible and family friendly.


When I became the areas constituency MSP in 2016 I got involved with the campaign, supported parents and made repeated representations to the Council. The new path will make a huge difference to many families who have had to struggle up the Panmure steps with small children in all weathers over the years.

Our first representation to Glasgow City Council was fruitless. The Council stated that a buggy path would be too expensive and claimed that some of the land required for the path was owned by Scottish Enterprise (SE). They stated that Scottish Enterprise would not part with the land.

I am delighted that we persuaded Scottish Enterprise to provide the land and that sufficient funds for the path have now been identified. This victory should never have taken so long but I am delighted we have got there. Work to deliver the buggy path commences today. My thanks to everyone who backed our campaign and to Liz, Leanne and others for not got giving up on this campaign. My thanks also to Councillors Gow and McLaren for their assistance.

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