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PUO Springburn
I am in the process of arranging a series of ‘pop-up’ offices where myself and my office team base ourselves at various community venues across Maryhill and Springburn.


Young people in Scotland under the age of 26 are now eligible for free NHS dental treatment, after the SNP Scottish Government fulfilled its election pledge to scrap dental charges.

Around 600,000 young Scots will now receive free dental care, with Health Secretary Humza Yousaf confirming that this is the first step in the SNP Scottish Government's plans to scrap dental charges for everyone in Scotland.

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MBH AfghanSol

Thank you to Maryhill Burgh Halls for hosting our important meeting with constituents from Glasgow’s Afghan community on Monday 23 August. We were joined Ian Blackford MP and parliamentary colleagues from both Westminster and Holyrood.

Most importantly thank you to Afghan families for sharing their often harrowing stories.


saveMaryhill Library

Glasgow Life have stated they have no plans to reopen Maryhill Library. They have made the wrong decision.

Maryhill Library must reopen at its current location. Glasgow Life must urgently review their position and bring forward plans for re-opening our library as soon as possible.

This is an essential service for the people of Maryhill. Any talk of a new community hub cannot be used as a reason to keep Maryhill Library closed.

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When constituents made me aware of the abandoned cars at Cadder Woods, I urged the Council to move them as soon as possible and they moved swiftly to do so. Since posting on facebook about Cadder Woods I have been hugely encouraged by several local residents contacting me and the affection they have for the woods. They hugely value that space and want to play their part in ensuring that the area is well safe, well maintained and a welcoming open environment.

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