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The Scottish Government will deliver its landmark commitment to provide free bus travel for young people under 22 from the end of January 2022. Delivering this during the pandemic has been challenging, however this change means around 930,000 young people across Scotland will benefit from free bus travel.

The extension of free bus travel to all under 22s will improve access to education, leisure, and work, while supporting the adoption of sustainable travel behaviours.

You can apply online at https://getyournec.scot/nec/ 

The Transport Minister, Graeme Dey MSP, has written to all MSP’s confirming the formal opening for the NEC application is 10 January 2022. I have also been provided an information pack. Both the letter and the information pack can be accessed here:-

Letter from the Minister for Transport

Young Person's Free Bus Travel Scheme - Information Pack


A future publicity campaign will be carried out but whilst everyone is being encouraged to only travel at the moment for essential purposes, it is hoped in the first instance that young people who require buses for such purposes will apply in the first instance. I have also contacted Glasgow City Council who will be offering assistance at a school level to assist with applications where a young person was unable to apply online.

 I have written to the Minister, Graeme Dey MSP, regarding concerns over potential barriers relating to applying for the new NEC. In particular how this can be applied for in a straightforward and barrier free manner as possible, as well as seeking to allay fears raised with me that a young person requires a driving licence or passport to successfully apply. 

Gasgow City Council have confirmed with me that where a young person cannot apply online (using ID requirements),  teachers can support a paper application with a passport sized photograph where they attest to the identity of the young person in the same way I understand they have done previously for Young Scot Cards.

Additional information is also available on the Transport Scotland website at


Advice from schools 

The following was also sent to all parents of children at schools in Glasgow:-

As stated, Glasgow Life will be assisting Glasgow families to obtain the Young Scot NEC. Given the volume of pupils they need to assist, it will take some time but the plan is:

🔹 5-11 (Primary Schools) – Using the school records system to capture the required data. Parents/carers will be provided with an application form to complete and return to the school. This data will then be used to generate a card request for the young person. We will take guidance from schools on how long they believe it would take to have applications returned from parents and provide an update on timescales in due course.

🔹 11-15 (Secondary Schools) – The S1 & S2 age group will be the initial target age group and applications will be sent to each secondary school (Including ASN). 12+ can apply for a Young Scot Card on their own but under 16s must have parental/carer permission before the travel element can be activated. Approx. 70% of pupils S3 and above have an existing Young Scot Card and can utilise the online system to request a replacement using their card. If your pupil continues to have issues applying online, please ask your school Financial Inclusion Officer for assistance once information starts coming out from your school.

🔹 16+ will be encouraged to apply online where possible. Where this is not possible they will be required to attend their local library with a completed application, proofs and will require a photo referee (from the same list of professions who can act as passport signatories).

The Glasgow Life team who will be processing these applications are only a small team so we ask where possible, please try to apply via the website.

The hope is the website https://getyournec.scot/nec/ will get better once demand on the website settles. We believe many of the current glitches may be down to the volume of users on the website.

We have also feedback the discrepancies in acceptance/rejection and have asked for a more consistent approach.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as things progress.


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