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By Bob Doris MSP

Friday 27th September 2019

Climate Change Bill

Climate Change

I was pleased to support these world leading targets by the SNP Scottish Government to tackle the climate emergency as the Climate Change Bill becomes law. In the years ahead our commitment will be tested as a society as we are required to take major action.

The bill has the toughest framework of statutory targets of any country in the world. It means Scotland's contribution to Climate Change will end within a generation.

Read more about what we are doing at: https://www.snp.org/were-addressing-the-climate-emergency/

Street Valium

street Valium

At First Ministers Questions this week I raised the issue of so called street Valium which is killing too many people in our communities. I asked the First Minister if the drug deaths taskforce will push for a public health information campaign on the dangers of street valium.

You can watch the exchange here: https://www.facebook.com/Bobdorismspglasgow/videos/505492330265623/

Commonwealth War Graves Commission


It was good to meet with the CWGC in parliament this week to hear the latest on what they are doing. I support the work they do, and in particular to the sites they have in the constituency at Sighthill, Lambhill, St.Kentigern’s, Western Necropolis and Glasgow Crematorium.

Possil Visit

Possil SNPGroup

I was please to join with SNP council and MP collegues in Possil this week as we went round the doors and spoke to people. It was great to hear such a mixed range of issues being discussed. With investment in Saracen Street, to the Climate Change Bill, it was good to talk to people about the changes the SNP are doing at local and national level that will benefit everyone.

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