I have been working with Patrick Grady MP and Cllr Kenny McLean to sustain the provision of the M4 service through Kelvindale. The current service has been making heavy losses.

We met with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) and they promised to assess the route for potential SPT support (effectively a subsidy). I've now had a response (below) and the M4 service will continue on a subsidised basis, with a slightly modified timetable. Whilst this modification is hardly ideal, it at least protects the M4 service which otherwise would have stopped permanently on 19 August 2017.

I remain committed to developing public transport links in the area and thank you for your support which has undoubtedly strengthened our hand with SPT.


Response from Alex Scott, SPT:

As you are all aware, First Glasgow has submitted a cancellation of the above service, the last day of operation being 19 August 2017.

During meetings with you all, we indicated that we intended to carry out surveys of the service in order to determine usage and travel patterns and inform decisions about any replacement service. The surveys indicated that what demand there is is, in the main, between Kelvindale and the Byres Road area. We also noted that a fair number of passengers at various points on the route were 'casual' users, in the sense that they could have used other services and probably just caught the bus by chance (or because they already had a First Glasgow multi-use ticket).

That notwithstanding, we have decided to replace the service on pretty much a like-for-like basis, albeit with the first and last (little-used) journeys removed. The service will also break between 12 noon and 1 pm.

The tendering exercise we carried out was won by First Glasgow and the new subsidised service will commence on Monday 21 August.  Given the time pressures involved in ensuring no break in service, this is a temporary contract which will operate for an initial period until 17 February 2018, whilst costs and options for a longer term contract are more fully explored.

In the meantime I have attached a draft of the timetable for your convenience, with the completed public version to follow.



Alex Scott
Bus Services Manager
SPT, 131 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5JF