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Meetings held with SPT and Stagecoach and alternative operators being sought.

Along with Cllrs Letford and Scally, we had a constructive meeting with Ronnie Park from SPT who listened carefully to both the identified community needs in terms of retaining the G1 and G2, as well as a number of potential service improvements which could make routes more attractive to potential alternative bus companies.


This follows a meeting we had with Stagecoach who, despite acknowledging there may be ways to enhance the routes to make them more sustainable, would not budge on their decision.

SPT have agreed to proactively share passenger statistics from Stagecoach with other bus companies with a view to seeking an alternative provider. SPT have also indicated they would be happy to discuss the matter with other potential providers including possible route alterations which both myself and our councillors suggested.

The current G2 service passes the site of a new health centre opening in the next few months at Gairbraid Avenue. It would be a real shame if that was to end before the facility even opens. I will be contacting NHS GGC to seek their support in ensuring commuters currently served by both the G1 and G2 are not disadvantaged in accessing health services. Indeed there may be the option of linking up with other existing bus services. SPT will also be happy to discuss such matters with NHS GGC.

Close to 200 constituents have now contacted me to urge the buses are retained, giving their personal stories as to why the services are important, ranging from helping them access vital services to public safety concerns. I would urge everyone who values the G1 and G2 services to sign my petition, and, as others have done, give there own story as to why these services matter and we will continue to work to find a solution.

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