Campaign launch

The first shots have been fired in the election campaign for next year’s Holyrood elections. The SNP candidate Bob Doris was joined by around 30 local volunteers in Maryhill for a rally ahead of taking to the doors and chatting to voters across Maryhill and Springburn later in the day.

Bob is currently a regional list MSP for Glasgow and stays in Maryhill. He is determined to unseat the sitting Labour MSP and become the constituency MSP for Maryhill and Springburn. Bob's first campaign initiative is to conduct a winter survey, asking local communities what matters to them most. The campaign leaflet also focuses on protecting public services and gaining more powers to defend Scotland against UK austerity. It also highlights local campaigning matters including fighting to save the M3 bus service as well as emphasising the recent victory to save our school buses for 1,500 children.

Following the campaign launch Bob said: "It is humbling to have the support of so many volunteers as I launch my campaign. I will work tirelessly for the communities across Maryhill and Springburn. My victory here will be important if the SNP are to form the next Government and Nicola Sturgeon is to be elected as our First Minister. It has been a privilege to represent Glasgow Region as an MSP. However, Maryhill and Springburn is my home and it would be a huge honour to represent the constituency as its MSP. Whilst I'd like to think that I have a good idea as to what makes our area tick and what improvements we all want to see- I would never take that for granted. That is why my first campaign action is to launch a major community consultation. I would ask as many residents as I can to return the consultation sheet back to me.

"Whilst support is strong for the SNP across Maryhill and Springburn, I am taking nothing for granted. At the last Scottish elections in 2011 Labour won here. Since then Labour support has fallen, most dramatically after getting into bed with the Tories during the referendum and denying Scotland the powers we need to fully deliver the fairer society we all want to see. I want to reach out to those who have not voted SNP before and ask them to consider voting for us. If elected it would be my job to represent everyone across our diverse community and I pledge to do just that to the best of my abilities".