Bob - school busesSNP MSP for Glasgow, Bob Doris, has warmly welcomed the Council u- turn on axing free school buses following the announcement that school buses will now be re-instated.

The school bus axe has already impacted on the families of 1500 school pupils, with families from income deprived communities in the north of the city particularly hit hard. Bob has been campaigning against the proposed cuts since the summer and has met with parents and pupils across Glasgow who have been affected by the changes.

Bob has worked with parents, SNP councillors and MPs to make a series of detailed  representations to the council on behalf of hundreds of families. He has helped to expose significant flaws in so called 'safe' walking routes in the north of the city and is proud to have worked with campaigning parents to win this very welcomed victory.

Bob commented: "This is wonderful news for families right across Glasgow. Much of my summer was spent walking the Council's alleged 'safe' walking routes with families who were losing their bus service. Whether it was along Maryhill Road into Summerston or from Milton along Auchinairn Road to All Saints- it was obvious that there were clear safety issues. It was also impacting on poverty levels and risked educational attainment. Glasgow City Council should never have targeted our children in this way but I welcome that they have now bowed to pressure.  

"I am delighted to have been part of a passionate, committed and ultimately victorious campaign with parents. The hard work has paid off and I hope the city council will now use the additional cash that they had already been given by the Scottish Government to raise attainment and maintain teacher numbers in our schools".