Bob DorisFollowing news that First Glasgow is to make several service alterations which will reduce bus provision in north Glasgow, SNP MSP, Bob Doris is to meet the bus company to make representations on behalf of a number of worried constituents.

The service reductions will see the M3 service from Milton to the city centre be reduced from a 30 minute service to an hourly one and the 10 will now no longer run through Sighthill on its way into town. Bob has also launched a community petition to give local residents the opportunity to show the strength of their feelings and to show how important they feel the services are.

It is thought that the community at Westercommon will be particularly badly hit as the M3 is an essential link for those seeking to go into town or north to Springburn and Stobhill Hospital. However a number of residents from communities across north Glasgow have been in contact to raise their concerns.

The reduced service will commence on 19 October 2015

Commenting Bob Doris said: "I am alarmed that communities who need greater connectivity are having their bus services reduced. In particular several residents around Westercommon tell me the 30 minute M3 service is vital to them. Reducing this to an hourly service won't just inconvenience locals; it'll make them feel marginalised- particularly the elderly and infirm. Other residents in Springburn and Milton have also raised concerns and I hope that those who believe First Glasgow have got this wrong will support my petition.

"I'll be making a strong case for retaining the 30 minute service when I meet with First Glasgow representatives.

"Likewise the residents on Sighthill are increasingly feeling marginalised with so many demolitions having taken place there. I'm keen to hear from them as to the impact of the 10 bus being removed from their area ahead of my meeting with First Group. Constituents can email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"I am also concerned that there has been no meaningful consultation ahead of these alterations".