Views of local residents ignored

SNP MSP Bob Doris has expressed his disapproval of last week’s decision by South Lanarkshire Council to give the green light to the £21m Cathkin Relief Road. Bob has in recent months and years been contacted by a large number of constituents who are strongly opposed to the scheme, and he has supported them in their opposition to the destruction of the green space on which the road will be built.

Bob Doris commented: "I have discussed the proposals with many local residents, and am clear that there is no public support for this unnecessary and environmentally destructive road. In financially challenging times there are any number of ways the £21m could be spent which would benefit the local economy and create much needed local jobs.

“At a time when the council are cutting school buses I am highly disappointed that they see as a priority the destruction of a well used community park, and the construction of a road which will at best serve only to shave minimal time off commuters’ journeys.


Bob’s representation to the planning application.