The SNP has today welcomed new findings from the 2014 Scottish Household Survey showing a record number of people rate their neighbourhood as a “fairly” or a “very good place to live”, and 86 per cent of people in Scotland are “fairly” or “very satisfied” with the quality of local health services.

The Scottish Household Survey also shows show 75% of people were satisfied with public transport in 2014 - an increase of four points from the previous year.

Commenting, Bob Doris, SNP MSP for Glasgow, said: “The results of the 2014 Household Survey are encouraging and show solid improvements in key areas where the SNP Scottish Government has been working hard to deliver improvement.

“People should be able to feel safe and happy in their neighbourhoods - so it is very encouraging that a record 94.4% of people see their neighbourhood as either a ‘very’ or ‘fairly good place to live’.

“Public health service satisfaction is now at 86 per cent - up one per cent form last and up five points from 2007, when the SNP took office.

“This is testament to the hard working staff of NHS Scotland – and only the SNP will continue to invest record levels to improve and enable the delivery of free high quality health care to everyone across the country.

“It also promising to see that satisfaction with public transport has increased to 75 per cent, and the SNP will keep working hard to deliver improvements.

“Since coming to office in 2007 we have frozen council tax, protected free higher education, cut waiting times, reformed our colleges,  introduced curriculum for excellence, increased police numbers and secured the highest levels of youth employment since 2005 and the second highest female employment in the EU.  If re-elected in 2016, we'll continue to build on our strong record and deliver in the face of harsh Westminster cuts.