By Bob Doris MSP

This week I visited Sighthill with Councillor Allan Casey. We were joined by DRS Project Management & Design as well as representatives of Morgan Sindall, Glasgow City Council’s infrastructure Contractor.

It was good to see the progress in Sighthill. This development will see a huge number of new homes coming to the constituency, as well as a brand new school campus. The transformation is part of a £250m masterplan in partnership with the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and GHA.

You can read more about the masterplan at

As this is such a large development, there is inevitable disruption to the local residents. I was keen to hear what is being done to try and keep it to a minimum. Much progress has been made, and with developments such as the new road link, residents are starting to see how the changes for themselves.

I do, however, have a few updates from Glasgow City council that I would like to share with you

Access To Existing Housing and New Connection to Cowlairs

The new road link – St Rollox Drive - was completed at the end of July connecting Springburn Road and Keppochill Road and some additional works to realign the eastern portion of road and Springburn Road junction remain to be completed which will require traffic management arrangements to be put in place. Access to the site is currently from St Rollox Drive via Huntingdon Road.
The new masterplan that had been discussed with residents prior to site works includes the stopping up of Fountainwell Road and will form a cul de sac west of the new St Rollox church and allotments. The middle section of Fountainwell Road also becomes a cul de sac off Fountainwell Grove due to the creation of a new Village Green. At present access to the existing housing is via Huntingdon Road.
A letter drop has been carried out notifying residents of an amended access route via Fountainwell Grove for approximately one week while deep drainage works are carried out on Huntingdon Road. This work had been scheduled to start this week but was delayed until after today’s meeting. Work is currently ongoing to complete granite surfacing on the new connection to St Rollox Drive adjacent to the new church. This work is weather dependent, however is expected to complete within the next two months. The reinstatement of Pinkston Road is anticipated to complete in Summer 2020.

Flooding on St Rollox Drive

This was raised as an issue when the road initially opened. Temporary works were carried out to ensure water dispersed into the bio-retention units and permanent works are scheduled to be undertaken which will prevent repetition of this issue.


Concerns had been expressed previously about parking in street bays and at the kerbside. Where vehicles can be identified as belonging to a specific contractor, GCC have approached the relevant Project Manager or Contractor to request parking bays are left vacant for residents. Not all of the works at Sighthill have been executed by GCC, one case being the construction of the new St Rollox church. This now appears to be less of an issue as the church is virtually complete. Vehicles parked at kerbsides have been private cars and it has not been possible to identify the owners of these.
In discussion with GHA and GCC Neighbourhoods & Sustainability we understand that parking within rear courts is considered to be resident parking and bays on streets are likely to be public.
GCC Neighbourhoods & Sustainability are currently preparing a Traffic Regulation Order proposing a Controlled Parking Zone which will then identify where restrictions may apply. Once complete this proposal will be subject to consultation with emergency services, Elected Members and the public.

Speed Limits

Complaints have also been received in the past regarding the speed of traffic within the housing development. 20 mph signs are clearly indicated on the road surface and GCC Neighbourhoods & Sustainability are currently preparing a Traffic Regulation Order proposing a 20 mph across Sighthill with the exception of St Rollox Drive which as a distributor road will have a limit of 30 mph.


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