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'Appalling' treatment of Glasgow family highlights need for devolved immigration

By Site Administrator

The Prime Minister today told the House of Commons that she would ensure that the Home Office “looks again” at the plight of the Umeed Bakhsh family, who face being deported from their home in Glasgow.

Areeb Umeed Bakhsh, 13, and his brother Somer, 15, have lived in Glasgow since their family fled from Pakistan in 2012, however the Home Office has repeatedly rejected the family’s plea for asylum, because officials believe that they would not be at risk in Pakistan.


Petitions to the Home Office - from the family’s Minister, Linda Pollock, and Somer and Areeb’s classmates - have now gained over 90,000 signatures.

Reacting, Bob Doris MSP said: “I am delighted to hear that the Prime Minister has pledged her support to the Umeed Baskhsh family, after months of indifference from the Home Office.

“When I first raised the issue in the Scottish Parliament, the First Minister said that Somer and Areeb were a credit to Scotland – the same goes for the community who have rallied around the family.

“Their story has touched the hearts of tens of thousands of people and the support given by the local community to Somer, Areeb and their parents has been both inspiring and heartwarming.

“The UK government has a duty to ensure that they take full account of the individual circumstances in each case, and that everyone seeking asylum is treated fairly and with dignity.

“This family have been treated appallingly by the UK government. Home Office ‘hostile environment’ policies are harming people who call Scotland home – it’s time for the full devolution of immigration to Scotland.”